What is bundle network?
Bundle Network is an online platform connected to various exchanges, enabling users to purchase and sell multiple coins & tokens within seconds of execution through one account and one click, at the best price possible either in bundles, or individually. It will also serve as an online meeting point for cryptocurrency investors to share and discuss topics related to the trading cryptocurrencies.
What is bundle token?
Bundle Token will be used at our platform for two different functionalities. It will neither represent the shares of Bundle Network LLC nor it gives any kind of voting rights for the holders.
What are the functionalities of the token?
  1. Lower Commission Rates: Users performing transactions in the Bundle Platform pay lower fees.
    • The fee is 0.5% for standard transaction paid with Bitcoin or Ethereum .
    • The fee is 0.2% for standard transaction paid with the Bundle Token (BND).
  2. Determine Transaction Speed & Frequency:
    • Basic User:
      • No minimum amount deposited
      • 10 transactions per day
      • 5 min waiting time between transactions
    • Pro User:
      • 1000 BND deposit
      • 30 transactions per day
      • 0 waiting time between transactions
    • Master User:
      • 5000 BND deposit
      • Unlimited number of transactions
      • 0 waiting time between transactions
What is the core revenue model?
  • The daily trading volume for cryptocurrencies is more than 6 billion dollars per day
  • Bundle Network aims to have 1% market share at 2018 as the normal case scenerio
  • Which will yield a USD 60M of daily trading volume
  • Which will yield a USD 300K revenue per day
  • Which will yield USD 76M revenue in 2018 (according to platform operational timeline, Q2 onwards)
  • The revenue will also increase by the expansion of market itself
How does the network function work?
A Bundle Manager (who can use the platform in order to create their own bundles) may share their successful Bundles with others, on the platform, thereby creating a communication channel for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They will be ranked by their successful trading and receive commissions via Bundle Tokens based on the usage of their bundles. As a result, the newcomers would see the best performers and benefit from their knowledge and experience while they are making their future purchases